MIAG 6 Revenue recognition: principal agent arrangements - PwC

Our sixth MIAG paper explores some of the key IFRS accounting considerations when media companies enter into potential principal/agent arrangements. We hope ...

MIAG 6 Revenue recognition: principal agent arrangements - PwC - Összefüggő

Our sixth MIAG paper explores some of the key IFRS accounting considerations when media companies enter into potential principal/agent arrangements. We hope ...

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The purpose of the survey was to identify areas for further improvement in the use and implementation of flexible work arrangement policies. In addition, to ...

Alternate working arrangements (AWA) and Flexible working arrangements (FWA) in the context of COVID-19. Version 3 – 12 October 2020.

This briefing paper collates for the first time statistics about Multi Agency Public Protection. Arrangements (MAPPA) across Scotland.

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